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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I guess we can figure out the Topeka Capital-Journal's stance on the Second Amendment

Judging by the righteous indignation vented in this Topeka Capital-Journal editorial, one would think the Kansas legislature must be pondering something truly horrible--like coming out and saying that shall not be infringed means shall not be infringed.

The measure primarily was introduced to clear up a conflict over a federal law allowing gun manufacturers and dealers to sell machine guns to law enforcement officials.

In December, then-Attorney General Paul Morrison issued an opinion saying Kansas law doesn’t allow those sales.

The bill would make it clear machine guns can be sold in Kansas to law enforcement authorities.

That part is fine. But in going a step further and allowing sales to private citizens, the measure raises concerns ...
Well, at least "that part" (the "Only Ones" being able to buy machine guns and suppressors) "is fine."

That editorial actually exhibited quite a bit of restraint, compared to Capital-Journal blogger Ric Anderson.

The bill that is inciting such panic is Kansas House Bill 2819 (pdf file). All HB 2819 would do in terms of machine guns for private citizens in Kansas is to "allow" them the "privilege" of being able to jump through all the draconian federal hoops that have been placed in the way of private machine gun ownership since 1934 (made even more draconian in 1986, causing an artificial, exponential price inflation).

At the Topeka Capital-Journal, though, even this tiny crumb is too much to throw to liberty advocates. Sounds like a newspaper that intends to be well situated to be part of the Official State News Agency.