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Friday, October 24, 2008

'Clamps down'?!

Rather a long while back, I imposed a rule on myself to not link to Mark Karlin's "Gun Guys" website, because I came to think of that site as one best ignored. It's a rule I've been able, for the most part, to obey. This time, though, I have to commend Karlin--he's managed to outdo even his own usual stupidity, and has posted something idiotic enough that I simply can't resist pointing it out.

Today, he notes the increasing incidence of "gun crime" in China.

The Wall Street Journal posted a story on Oct. 14th about the rise of illegal guns in China.

We can only hope that China, for its own sake and domestic security, clamps down on private gun ownership.
And hence the title of my post. From an utter ban on private gun ownership, how does one "clamp down"? Should even thinking about guns be a thoughtcrime now?

Actually--and I find this especially interesting--the "Gun Guys" claim not to advocate total, outright bans:
We, gun violence prevention advocates, do not and have never sought "banning" all firearms, especially hunting rifles, or completely disarming the populace.
This, from the same site suggesting that China "clamps down on private gun ownership"--when China already has in place the kinds of total bans the "Gun Guys" claim not to seek.

As if lying were not contemptible enough, the "Gun Guys" insist on telling the kinds of stupid lies that show how little respect they have for the intelligence of their target audience.

Finally, the same post also links to this article, with a quote that helps illustrate the lie that the violence in Mexico is due to "weak gun laws" in the U.S.
Recent reports are now suggesting that some of the illegals [sic] guns originating from China are now making their way overseas to places like Mexico.
Obama's old friends don't seem to be getting much for their money.


B Smith said...

Sometimes, I sort of wish America would 'clamp down' on idiots like Mark Karlin.