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Monday, September 14, 2009

Do supporters of restrictive gun laws sanction the rape of the handicapped?

The rape of a handicapped man is, of course, just one example of the strong preying on the weak: an adult abusing a child, a large, strong man assaulting a smaller, generally physically weaker woman, and a gang attacking an individual are a few others. I chose to write about this today because of the incident's personal relevance to my situation.

The above story is short on details, but one assumption I feel rather safe in making is that the victim was unarmed--even the sickest of perverts tend to prioritize their deviant sexual pleasure (and the joy of imposing their dominance over others) rather a long way below their personal survival. [More]
After all this time, I've finally posted another St. Louis Gun Rights Examiner column. Sorry for the long silence--been having some issues that have made use of the computer nearly impossible. Those issues have not entirely resolved themselves, and I don't know how much posting I'll be doing in the near future (today's effort was pretty taxing), but I'm chomping at the bit to get back in the swing of things.


"Zack" said...

Hey man! Welcome back! We missed ya!

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

Thanks, James--much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering what had happened ... good to read your articles again and know that you're okay.

TXGunGeek said...

Good to see you're back. Long Time no read!

PolyKahr said...

Good to see you up and taking nourishment! Things will improve, I have faith.