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Thursday, May 05, 2011

Down the memory hole with @CSGV

If one had been following the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence (CSGV) on their Twitter feed this afternoon, one might have seen the following (click to enlarge):

Specifically, I refer to the middle tweet:

@MikeSeils Thanks for passing this on. Terrifying. Another apparent gun-related threat to our democracy.
"Terrifying," indeed.

Except for the fact that this "threat to our 'democracy*'" was no threat at all, as the Wall Street Journal explains:
Officers believed he was acting suspiciously. They emptied his messenger bag, then brought him inside a post office located steps from the trade center site. At least one officer had a gun drawn.

The man was questioned and released. He was not armed.
I politely pointed this out:
@CSGV @MikeSeils Not enough "gun-related threat to our 'democracy'" for CSGV, so had to invent one http://on.wsj.com/kYZlf3 "not armed"
CSGV, typically, didn't respond with an, "Oops--my bad," but instead simply tried to revise history. Here's the same discussion now (click to enlarge):

Notice anything missing? Pretending embarrassments never happened is SOP for CSGV, but their history tends to be harder to hide from than they bargain for.

*CSGV almost always refers to our government as a "democracy," rather than acknowledge that it's a republic. I have a theory as to why:
Perhaps, though, this kind of thinking explains CSGV's insistence on referring to "our democracy" with such regularity, rather than acknowledging that our nation is a republic. Promoting the notion that we live in a society where the majority rules, meaning that 51% can legitimately vote away the fundamental human rights of the other 49%, fits right into CSGV's agenda, especially when coupled with the VPC's latest theme, of gun owners as a minority.