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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

'Land of the free?' A musical riposte

I have just become aware of a project, "My Country, My Ass," intended to wake The People up to the fact that the freedoms that great Americans of the past died to secure as our birthright are rapidly eroding--and we're letting it happen.

I have a project and I need the help of like minded people. I will try to be brief.
I have recorded a protest song. The style is country-rock, and the song is pretty direct.
I need people to request it on radio stations.
My goals are-
1. The short answer is, I want to influence the mass psychology of the entire nation. I want politicians and their staff to hear it and recognize that We the People do not like what they are doing, and I want all other government employees
to hear it and recognize that they are NOT just ordinary Americans trying to earn a living, they are on the wrong side and we do not like what they are doing either.
If you want to read the long answer click here
This is not about my music career. I do not have a music career. It is a hobby. I work hard and am taxed and regulated to death too.
The Plan-
1. I send copies of the song to country radio stations, state by state. Generally speaking, they are not going to play it.
2. Set up a web page for each state with a list of all radio stations that have the song, along with links to their request pages,
and e-mail addresses for Program Directors and requests.
3. Try to get people to request the song. The song title is "My Country, My Ass" (I said it was direct) by John Ringer.

If you think this is a silly idea, read this post from Mises.org. It talks about the "social pivot" and the cultural mindset that enables a government gone crazy. This project will change the collective mindset of alot of people, but it needs YOU to help.
Here's a simple video, with lyrics:

Be sure to go to Mr. Ringer's website (here it is again), to see how you can be a part of this.