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Friday, September 23, 2011

'KKK began as gun-control organization'--confirms 'Racist Roots of Gun Control'

Everitt's article also claimed that prior to the summer of 2010 (when the Supreme Court ruled on the McDonald v. City of Chicago case), "you would have had to explore the darkest corners of the gun rights movement to find anyone openly exclaiming that 'gun control is racist.'” Since a great many of us have been shouting that message a great deal longer than that, there would seem to have been rather a crowd of "darkest corners."

Professor Winkler apparently missed the summer of 2010 deadline for "darkest corner" status, but if he drops the "Tea Party's Gun Problem" silliness, he's welcome as an honorary "dark corner," regardless. CSGV's and friends' most desperate efforts notwithstanding, we shall overcome. [More]
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