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Friday, October 14, 2011

Obama knew about 'Fast and Furious' before Holder?

Obama could, of course, have "read about it in the news" about a month before that, when Sharyl Attkisson of CBS News first brought the story to the mass media (we should probably not expect him to have kept up with those in the "new media" who had been covering the scandal since December).

And we, of course, are to assume that Obama's first knowledge of the program came when he "first read about it in the news." Perhaps that makes sense, since although one would normally expect his Attorney General to tell him about such things (hopefully
before they make the news), Holder was supposedly a few weeks away from learning about it. One might fairly ask that if Holder cannot be expected to read all the briefing documents sent his way, could he at least read the same news the president finds time to read? If not, should Obama maybe have told Holder? Not the usual way of doing things, admittedly, but it might have saved a fair amount of embarrassment. [More]
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