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Monday, December 05, 2011

Unintentional honesty from gun rights Quisling?

Bob Pope (no--not that Bob Hope), who operated gun shows for 25 years, calls himself "a Newt Gingrich-supporting[?] Second Amendment advocate," and wants to close the mythical "gun show loophole."

But he said his buddies in the Tennessee Firearms Association are irritated by his one-man campaign to close the so-called “gun show loophole,” which he claims allows murderers and thieves to buy stolen guns.

“If I was going to buy an illegal gun, I’d go to a gun show and buy it,” said Pope, a towering man perched on an old-fashioned wing chair in the formal living room of his Hermitage home near the Wilson County line.
Well, a gun show might be Bob's first choice of places to illegally arm himself, but that would seem to put him among the tiny minority of the illegally armed:
Purchased from a retail store 8.3 percent
Purchased at a pawn shop 3.8
Purchased at a flea market 1.0
Purchased in a gun show 0.7
Obtained from friends or family 39.6
Got on the street/illegal source 39.2
Back to the article about Bob. Here's the unintentional honesty:
“I started doing gun shows in 1983, sold out in 2008,” Pope said.
Whether or not the actual date was in 2008, he "sold out," alright.

Traitorous scum.


Robert Fowler said...

I support the 2nd Amendment, but....

I can't count all of the murders and terrorist I saw at the gun show 2 weeks ago. We were just swamped with criminals looking for guns. Sarcasm off.

Sold out indeed. Just another liberal idiot pisswit.

Kent McManigal said...

Actually, Robert, I've seen a lot of murderers and terrorists at gun shows. Really. Fortunately many of them clearly identify themselves with badges and uniforms. The rest try to hide, but their behavior and nosiness usually gives them away if you are paying attention.