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Friday, February 24, 2012

Giving quarter to anti-gun usurpers in government

That is not how I would write such a law now. I was more inclined to mercy back then than I am now--probably because I had never conceived of the possibility of an administration so far lost to honor and decency, so single-mindedly intent on disarming American citizens, that it would deliberately arm the most brutal killers in North America, leading to the deaths of hundreds of Mexican citizens and two U.S. law enforcement officers, all to make the case for trampling the Second Amendment into the blood-soaked dirt.

For those officials, there can be no total amnesty--leaving the government is not
nearly enough. For them, the best I would offer is to take the death penalty off the table. That's far more than they deserve, but gun rights advocates are, by and large, peaceable folk, willing to put non-violence ahead of the justice of seeing the perpetrators dangling from short ropes. [More]
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