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Wednesday, April 04, 2012

School shootings: We know what does NOT work--and we keep doing it

Wait a second--"millions of dollars to continue to ban guns"? Yep--one provision of SB 1474 permits universities to hold onto their precious gun bans within school buildings, if they provide secure storage for firearms at every entrance. In other words, the objection was that the bill would be too expensive, because continuing the mandated defenselessness would cost too much. All they would have to do to avoid that expense is not require that peaceable armed students and staff disarm.

The price that matters is the one paid--not in dollars, but in blood--at every "gun free zone" where a mass shooting has occurred. [More]
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Anonymous said...

After the Maalot massacre in the mid 1970s, Israel began training armed civilian volunteers to guard schools. No child was murdered in an Israeli school for 25 years. A terrorist attack in 2002 resulted in some casualties, but far fewer than Columbine or Virginia Tech, because the armed civilians gunned down the killer and cut his rampage short.