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Monday, September 24, 2012

Obama straight up lies to Hispanic voters about 'Project Gunwalker'

What excuse for this lie will be offered in Obama's defense? Will it be claimed that it was just a "mistake"--that he still has not learned enough about the "Gunwalker" atrocity to have even figured out when it started (since presumably, even his most desperate defenders will not try to claim he forgot when his administration began)? If so, would Hispanic voters not be justified in asking how a president could be so callously indifferent about establishing the facts about a U.S. federal government operation that resulted in hundreds of dead Mexican citizens, and will undoubtedly continue to cause more deaths (on both sides of the border--and even farther abroad) for years to come?

Could Hispanic voters further be forgiven for wondering why an administration that sent thousands of the firearms Obama most wants banned as being "too dangerous" for private citizens, to brutal killers in Mexico, won't let Latinos have forks in Obama's presence? You can bet that there will be no "Project Forkwalker" under this administration. [More]

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