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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

'Insurrectionist' patches now available with Velcro backing

When I first offered the "CSGV-Designated 'Insurrectionist'" patches, I quickly came to realize that many would-be buyers would have been far more interested if the patches were Velcro-backed. Live and learn.

The good news is that I have sold enough of the "Treason Against Tyranny Is Fidelity To Liberty" patches to justify doing a second production run--this one with the Velcro backing. The "Constitutional Militia Ordnance Engineer" patch will probably never be offered with the Velcro backing--I just don't think the demand is there.

Anyway, the Velcro adds 20% to the price, so the per patch price for one or two is $6, $4.80 apiece for three or more (up to nine), and $3.60 for ten or more. You can still mix and match to get the volume discount. So one "Ordnance Engineer" patch, and two Velcro-backed "Treason Against Tyranny" patches would come $14.60 ($5 for the "Ordnance Engineer" plus 2x$4.80 for the two "Treason Against Tyranny").

Look good at your trial for "treason"!