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Thursday, July 25, 2013

'Terrorism' and 'death threats': A response to Appropriations Committee Dems

More fundamentally, though, if Rep. Lowey chooses to advocate empowering the government to designate political "enemies" as "suspected terrorists," to be disarmed and thus rendered defenseless, she had better expect some push-back. The entire purpose of the Second Amendment is to protect the right to arms of even people the government dislikes--especially those people, because they are the ones most likely to need arms. If she attempts to defeat that purpose, she will be resisted--by whatever means necessary.

Mr. Dennis, Rep. Lowey, you have your explanation. That is all you will be getting from this column. [More]

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Anonymous said...

In the leftist fantasy world, a columnist who advocates armed revolution in a hypothetical situation (a tyrant taking over the government and imposing a dictatorship) is a "terrorist." Meanwhile, Obama wanted to arm the Muslim Brotherhood, and so-called civil rights activists and self-appointed community "leaders" are inciting riots, advocating violence, and chanting "no justice, no peace," and the politicians are OK with it. It's just a question of whose ox is being gored.

Mama Liberty said...

Good for you, Kurt. Don't let the bastards wear you down.

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

Thanks, Mama Liberty. I wear their loathing as the badge of honor it is. Despised by the despicable.