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Thursday, April 03, 2014

JPFO Alert: In Kentucky, Any 'War on Women' Will Face Armed Resistance

With iron-clad veto-proof majorities in both chambers, the Kentucky legislature has passed an important reform in favor of self-defense for victims of domestic violence:

The way the bill would work for domestic violence victims is that anyone who has an emergency protective order or a domestic violence order will be able to apply for an emergency temporary (good for 45 days) concealed carry permit, for which the training requirement would be waived (the applicant would still have to pass a criminal background check). If the permit holder does receive the required training at some time during those 45 days, the permit becomes like any other Kentucky concealed carry permit.


MamaLiberty said...

Better than nothing, but not by much. The very first line of defense for anyone is to make better choices, to take full responsibility for their lives and the relationships they enter.

My first husband became economically and verbally abusive after many years. I took my children and made a new life for us. I didn't wait for him to become physically abusive. I was already armed, and very willing to defend myself and the boys, just glad he never made any attempt to harm us.

Sadly, most women, and a lot of men, remain in abusive relationships and some won't leave no matter what other options they have. Many, when removed from this environment, go right out and find another abusive "partner" anyway.

In my experience, people who will continue to allow another person to abuse them is highly unlikely to take the necessary steps to become effectively armed. They may very well, at some point, finally accept reality enough to fight back, but it will likely be a moment of irrational rage rather than a reasoned response. And so often too little, too late.

Self defense is about 10% gun, and 90% everything else. A gun is not enough. This "law" is a feel good sugar pill that can't begin to treat the disease.