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Wednesday, August 06, 2014

JPFO Alert: Palmer v. D.C. is Also about Gay Rights

Today's JPFO Alert is a reminder that as a fundamental human right, armed self-defense is for everyone, and everyone who fights for it deserves our support and respect.

But it is they, the "progressives," who hope to keep these most vulnerable members of society disarmed and defenseless. It is they who claim that the best protection for such people is "hate crime" laws, making it "more illegaller" to commit heinous violence against someone if the assailant was motivated by hate for a group his victim is a part of, rather than anything about the victim himself.

Tom Palmer is fighting for everyone's Constitutionally guaranteed, fundamental human right of the individual to keep and bear arms. That makes him a far better man than any who oppose his efforts.

And as always, if you haven't seen all the great JPFO Alerts written by David, Nicki, Claire, and Mama Liberty, you owe it to yourself to fix that.


Anonymous said...

The idea that ethnic minorities should depend on "hate crimes" laws instead of arming themselves is a variation on the old "you don't need a gun, the police will protect you" argument. Of course, leftists can't explain how 900,000 law enforcement officers are supposed to protect 300 million civilians from ten million criminals. Especially since the courts have repeatedly held that police are not private bodyguards, and do not have a legal duty to protect any individual.

Hate crimes legislation is also a hypocritical double standard. If a black gay man is murdered by racists or by homophobes, is he more dead than if he were murdered by muggers who wanted to steal his wallet? Also, if criminals are willing to commit murder in a state that has the death penalty, how is a federal hate crime law going to deter them?

Everyone should have the same rights, regardless of race, sex, religion, or sexual orientation. That includes the right to self-defense.

Anonymous said...

Matthew Shephard and James Byrd both became poster boys for hate crime legislation, although both cases, if anything, prove that such legislation is not needed. In both cases, the murderers were prosecuted and convicted. All were sent to prison, and one of Byrd's killers has been executed.

The federal "Hate Crimes Prevention Act" is a misnomer. It cannot "prevent" crimes, it can only punish the criminals after the crime has already been committed. Which can already be done under existing laws.

We all know what can prevent violent crime, but it's politically incorrect to suggest that peaceable citizens buy guns and learn to use them. After all, the PC party line is that we are all idiots who will just end up shooting harmless panhandlers whom we mistook for muggers, or family members whom we mistook for intruders.

Yeah. Thank goodness Byrd and Shephard (and Delbert Belton, Fannie Gumbinger, Brian Watkins, and Catherine Genovese) were unarmed. If any of them had been carrying guns, someone might have been hurt.