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Wednesday, March 04, 2015

JPFO Alert: Missouri's New "Strict Scrutiny" of Gun Laws Frees Non-Violent Felon

Today's JPFO Alert notes the first liberation (for now, at least) won by Missouri's new strict scrutiny of gun laws.

Actually, I would go further, and argue that even if Robinson's victimless "felony" were a violent crime, he still could not legitimately be denied his fundamental human right of the individual to keep and bear arms, no matter whether or not any document acknowledges that right. As David Codrea has long contended, "Anyone who can't be trusted with a gun can't be trusted without a custodian."

At the time of Robinson's arrest, he had been a free man--or should have been. Denied government recognition of his right to arm himself against threats to his life and liberty, though, he was robbed of an essential element of that freedom. If the prosecution wins its appeal, and overturns Judge Dierker's ruling, he will lose even the illusion of forcibly disarmed "freedom." That's unconscionable.