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Wednesday, May 06, 2015

JPFO Alert: Garland, TX and the Right that Defends All Others

Today's JPFO Alert notes that the right to free speech would not be of much use without the right to an effective means of defending it.

And so it is with all rights. The Constitution of the United States, as brilliant a document as it is, does not, cannot defend the rights it guarantees all by itself. The pen may indeed be mightier than the sword, but the sword is a great deal more effective for hacking people to death. One retains only the rights one can defend.


Anonymous said...

Wayne LaPierre was widely ridiculed by the media when he said that the only thing that could stop bad guys with guns was a good guy with a gun. But events have proven him right.

The media are playing the blame-the-victim card. The cartoon contest was offensive to Muslims. But, either you have freedom of speech or you don't. And, in a free country, you may occasionally see things that offend your sensibilities. That is a price we pay for freedom. If Muslims in America want to live under sharia law, they are free to go back to Iran or wherever.

If Christians and Jews went on a shooting spree every time they saw a cartoon (or a movie, or a TV show) that offended them, then the violent crime rate in the US would probably be a thousand times worse than it is.