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Friday, June 19, 2015

Nothing wrong with 'proudly closed minds on gun control'

Here's the thing: on some issues, there is nothing wrong with a closed mind, nor even with being proud of it. The issue of forcible citizen disarmament is a superb example. When what one is being asked (although "asked" is probably sugarcoating it) to accept is so utterly, inherently wrong that it can never, in any context, ever be anything less than evil, dismissing it out of hand is a real time saver, and closing one's mind to it means that one's mind will never be infected with that evil. With some issues, merely closing one's mind is not enough. Close it, lock it, bolt it, bar it, pile heavy things in front of the door--and wait with at least a 12-gauge ready to blast away at anything that pushes through. And then take pride in having so effectively defended one's mind from the mental affliction of "gun control." [More]

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