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Friday, October 20, 2006

Don't like the sound of freedom? Then legalize the means to turn it down

One increasingly prevalent avenue of attack on shooting (and, thus, an attack on gun ownership) is the growing resistance to shooting ranges--with, generally, the objection being the noise produced by all the shooting. Anyone aspiring to open an outdoor shooting range, even in a remote, lightly populated area, can expect a real fight--in more densely populated areas, it's almost impossible. Even worse than that, though, is the practice of many real estate developers of building suburbs near the sites of gun ranges that have been in operation for years (or even decades)--knowing that many of the residents will object to the shooting sounds. This problem is compounded by the fact that when the annoyed residents take their "point" to court, they often win, or at least cost the range so much in legal fees that it's not worth fighting.

The most appalling part, though, is the fact that an accomodation that would suit very many of the antagonists is readily available, except for the fact that it's illegal.

I refer, of course, to suppressors (more popularly, but not especially accurately, known as "silencers"). These are very tightly controlled under federal law (as part of the National Firearms Act of 1934), and beyond that, are banned outright in many states. Why is that? Beats me--it certainly has nothing to do with a rash of "silenced gun violence" (of which there has been almost none--ever).

For those who don't like the sound of our guns, how about lifting the restrictions on our putting a volume control on them?