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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Gun Guys apparently think of themselves as CSI: Fayetteville

We learn from the Gun Guys of the near tragedy of a young woman being shot in a mall in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Due in no small part to the timely assistance of two 82nd Airborne Division combat medics (stationed at nearby Fort Bragg), who had served in Iraq and gotten plenty of experience with gunshot wounds, she survived, and is expected to recover fully.

The shooting seems to have been an accident--the result of a small pistol being carried directly in a pocket, without a holster, falling out of the pocket, hitting the floor, and firing. The interesting part of all this is that from the very sketchy information contained in the article linked to by the Gun Guys, they have come up an amazingly detailed theory about what happened (and used that theory to buttress their "argument"--such as it is--for the outlawing of concealed carry):

But what you can do it cut off gun access at the source– make carrying concealed weapons illegal. The person who carried this firearm was probably one of the NRA’s "law-abiding gun owners." Up until this point, they probably carried their weapon legally. It’s likely that they didn’t know the weapon didn’t belong in the mall (even though it seems common sense to most of us), because they probably have a permit to carry it around the entire state of North Carolina.

The Gun Guys don't offer any explanation as to how they determined that the gun was probably carried legally--it just wouldn't serve their argument very well if it wasn't, so they said it probably was.

Of course, whether or not the person with the gun was authorized to carry it or not, this method of carry was stupid and irresponsible. How one person's stupidity and irresponsibility should dictate the laws for everyone else is another matter.

In an update to this story, we learn that the person who dropped the gun seems to have been the victim's 19-year-old boyfriend (hopefully, ex-boyfriend), who is already on probation for convictions on misdemeanor charges. I am not familiar enough with North Carolina concealed carry legislation to know if a 19-year-old person on probation can be licensed to carry a concealed handgun, but I strongly suspect that he cannot.

Maybe the Gun Guys ought to stay out of the detective business.