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Friday, January 01, 2010

Speaking of state sovereignty . . .

A couple hours ago, I wrote about a bill introduced in New Hampshire that would not only exempt firearms, ammunition, and firearm accessories manufactured in New Hampshire for in-state consumption from federal regulation, but would also make it a felony for agents of the federal government to try to enforce federal laws in defiance of the NH law (the NH law would, by the way, seemingly even apply even to machine guns and other NFA weapons, unlike any of the state sovereignty legislation I've seen introduced in other states).

That reminded me that the New England Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence, although not having reacted yet to the NH bill, is upset about Montana and Tennessee having passed their own state sovereignty legislation.

The article further reports that Tennessee and Montana have passed laws that exempt weapons made and owned in-state from federal restrictions.

These laws say that guns manufactured in-state and sold to people who intend to keep them in-state are exempt from federal gun laws and regulations. Both Tennessee and Montana only have state laws prohibiting felons from possessing guns. This means, under this new law, the other federal categories of persons prohibited from owning guns would not apply. This includes those who have been committed to a mental institution, dishonorably discharged from the military, are a fugitive from justice, an illegal alien, have been convicted of a domestic violence offense, or are currently subject to a restraining order.
Nothing surprising there--typical nanny-statist hysteria. The best part comes next.
In addition to opening up firearm possession to people who should clearly not have a gun, it should be noted that Tennessee is home to Barrett Firearms Manufacturing, the maker of the .50-caliber sniper rifle. .50-caliber guns are designed for battlefield use to attack armored vehicles and are used to destroy targets from long distances. California considers these guns so dangerous they have banned them. Yet Tennessee has just made a move to make these weapons easier to obtain.
Oohh--state sovereignty and evil, all-powerful .50 caliber rifles. The horror!



Bob S. said...

I'm sure they missed the irony completely:

It isn't okay for Tennessee and Montana to have different state laws but it is perfectly okay for California to ban something that no one else does -- the .50 caliber.

Guess they are showing their stripes in ways they dont' understand.

It is perfectly okay to have state laws -- only if those laws restrict the rights of the people

MamaLiberty said...

I have yet to read how these statists think they can keep weapons - any kind - out of the hands of criminals who, by definition, do not obey laws!

Seems really hard to understand why so few can see that removing the TOOLS - weapons of any kind - from the hands of the intended victims cannot, will not prevent violence, only increase it.

But, of course, most of these folks have armed guards paid for by those same potential victims. No worry? For them.

pops1911 said...

It should be mandatory for each household to have a Barrett 50 with 1000 rounds as well as a shotgun, and a hunting rifle. This should be government funded!