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Saturday, May 01, 2010

Gun bills on the move in Illinois and Missouri

As originally written, HB 5751 would ban not only the sale and possession of the "scary" items mentioned above, but also their manufacture. Perhaps surprisingly, given the state's political climate, Illinois has several manufacturers of such items. In past years, in arguing against those bans, it has been pointed out that lawmakers who send good jobs and tax revenue out of the state are doing the state's economy no favors. That, apparently, is why the amendment would permit manufacture of "assault weapons," etc., but only for sale out of state.

What, though, is the underlying message that sends? If these "weapons of war" are the scourge on society that Rep. Acevedo clearly believes them to be, is it not rather unprincipled of him to allow them to be inflicted on other states, simply to protect the jobs and tax revenue? Or is it that Illinois residents are somehow lacking the restraint that prevents residents of other states from shooting up their communities with Illinois-manufactured "assault weapons"? [More]
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