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Friday, July 02, 2010

GRE Round Up, Jul. 2

Here's the latest from my Gun Rights Examiner colleagues:

Anthony Bouchard/Cheyenne:
Newcastle Wyoming, police terrorize family on an alleged barking dog complaint

CHEYENNE - It’s some time after midnight, you are awakened by a loud persistent pounding at your front door. As you head to the front door...Keep Reading »

Don Gwinn/Chicago:
(Today's column must begin with an apology for the absence of content in this space during historic times for gun rights in Chicago. The internet is...Keep Reading »

Mike Stollenwerk/DC:
Wisconsin Army National Guard JAG officer, and Jackson County District Attorney, Gerald R. Fox has something to say about the US Supreme Court's...Keep Reading »

Sean McClanahan/Des Moines:
The Des Moines Register published an opinion piece in today's edition, entitled Keep reasonable gun restrictions in place. Since the chances are very...Keep Reading »

Rob Reed/Detroit:
The Chicago City Council today showed its contempt for the law-abiding citizens of Chicago by unanimously passing Mayor Richard M. Daley's draconian...Keep Reading »

Liston Matthews/Knoxville:
A friend from middle Tennessee called yesterday and asked that question. A Knoxville friend emailed me with the...Keep Reading »

David Codrea/National:
Will Delaware anti-carry gun law 'enhance public safety'?

"Criminals who illegally carry a concealed firearm will now face longer prison sentences under a law Governor Jack Markell signed today...Keep Reading »

NRA to score Kagan vote

"The National Rifle Association says today it's opposing Elena Kagan's nomination for the Supreme Court and will score her vote...Keep Reading »

Will NRA endorse Harry Reid?

Multiple sources tell me the National Rifle Association is planning to endorse liberal Harry Reid against pro-gun champion Sharron Angle...Keep Reading »

Dave Workman/Seattle:
Brace yourselves for ‘reasonable regulation’

How do you feel about licensing gun owners, registering all of their firearms, requiring training in order to own a...Keep Reading »

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