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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

GRE Round Up, JuL. 7

Here's the latest from my Gun Rights Examiner colleagues:

Don Gwinn/Chicago:
If you liked Mcdonald v. Chicago, you'll love Benson v. Chicago

Don't forget that Second Amendment Freedom Rally III is only two days away! Come to downtown Chicago and show Mayor Daley a celebration of freedom....Keep Reading »

Sean McClanahan/Des Moines:
It was reported today that Hancock County (Iowa) decided not to enact their new weapons ordinance. The ordinance was to be read for a third time...Keep Reading »

David Codrea/National:
Armed self-defense news stories have two things in common

There is no shortage of armed defense stories in the headlines. While many such accounts go unreported (particularly the ones where no shots are fired...Keep Reading »

Dave Workman/Seattle:

It has been nearly four years – and will be this coming Sunday, July 11 – that Seattle resident Mary...Keep Reading »

Chris Woodard/Tucson:

Arizona in Fed's firing line......Part 3

Yesterday, July 6, 2010 The US Justice Department filed suit against Arizona, Governor Jan Brewer in her capacity...Keep Reading »
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