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Friday, May 06, 2011

Working to keep citizens disarmed, seeking long term, tax-supported bodyguards

So, in other words, Daley wants not only to keep people disarmed, but to in effect leave them protected with an even more depleted police department, as well--at their expense (Daley will also receive a $180,000 per year pension, again courtesy of the taxpayers). This, in a city so violent that local hospitals have trouble keeping enough blood on hand, that some have thought needed the National Guard to come in to restore order, and whose police superintendent wanted to invent a new category of "indoor homicides," the prevention of which he thought should not be expected of the police, to make the statistics look better. "What 'works' in Chicago"--right, Mr. President?. [More]
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Anonymous said...

Gun-control is a scapegoat used by the likes of Daley for their inability to control crime.