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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Is the right to keep and bear arms fundamental and universal, or not?

The problem is that Mr. Huitron-Guizar is not only to be punished for his illegal presence in the U.S., but also for the "crime" of possessing the tools to defend his life--something we have been claiming is a fundamental human right. If deportation is not punishment enough, then immigration laws should be strengthened to include their own additional punishment. By instead tacking on extra punishment for the exercise of a fundamental human right, we treat that right like a mere privilege.

Opposition to that is not being "soft on illegal immigration"--it's being hard on forcible citizen disarmament. [More]

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Glenn B said...

I think it is not his right that is being stripped, it is his liberty to exercise that right due to his having committed a crime and to his illegal status within the USA. While he has a right to possess a firearm, he is no longer at liberty to do so because of his violation of the law and thus could be prosecuted for carrying one while being a criminal.