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Thursday, May 03, 2012

When evil is armored: Armor-piercing ammo bans kill

Since most of us, thankfully, do not share Chief Beck's sociopathy, a better solution is clearly needed. The obvious candidate for that better solution is lifting the ban on armor piercing ammunition (called "cop killer" bullets, by the forcible citizen disarmament lobby) for private citizens. [More]
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MamaLiberty said...

Yeah, that and shot placement. Body armor is fairly easy to spot. Since few of us carry these super guns - or are ever going to - other strategies are necessary.

Go for the gold in that case... a head shot.

Anonymous said...

The "Teflon armor-piercing cop-killer bullets" began getting a lot of publicity in the early 1980s when they were mentioned on an NBC news magazine show. Then CBS's 60 Minutes jumped on the bandwagon, then the rest of the MSM. Even the TV crime drama shows ("Hunter," "Hill Street Blues," "T.J. Hooker") had episodes about it. Before then, no police officer had ever been killed with armor piercing ammunition that defeated body armor. Within a few years, some officers were killed with AP ammo, and the killers, when caught, admitted that the publicity gave them the idea to use AP rounds. Then the media shed the usual crocodile tears for the cops and blamed the deaths on the evil "gun lobby."