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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Bad news for CSGV: 1 in 3 voters meet their definition of 'insurrectionist'

That's CSGV's "civics" in a nutshell: the state must never be resisted by force of arms.

If that became more widely known, it's hard to imagine that a great many more Americans would not become "insurrectionists," by CSGV's definition. Given accurate civics lessons, it becomes impossible to imagine. At 29%, though, we already have about 10 times as many as we need. [More]

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Anonymous said...

If CSGV and the MSM were to actually read the Declaration of Independence, they would probably have a stroke.

Anonymous said...

"Insurrectionists" would outnumber the police and military by more than 30 to 1, even if every cop and soldier (and sailor, airman, and marine) still remained loyal to the government. And a lot of them wouldn't. The military would have mutinies, and many police officers would resign. (They might turn in their badges and keep their guns.)