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Thursday, May 16, 2013

If armed resistance to tyrany is 'un-American,' America has died

The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence must love Professor Fish, because they too have no line in the sand--including when the government rounds up members of "undesirable" races, religions, etc., for shipment to the camps. It would seem though, that like CSGV, Fish has a bigger problem than he realizes. It's not just "militant" NRA members who do have a line in the sand--it's 29% of the voting public--and that should be more than enough. [More]

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Anonymous said...

Limousine liberals consider themselves intellectuals, and they stereotype gun owners as illiterate rednecks. But liberal assumptions that armed rebellion (or war, or use of force in general) could never be justified under any circumstances are very simplistic and short-sighted. And the idea that a Holocaust could be ended by legal due process is ridiculous. A regime that would commit mass murder would either ignore the law, or amend or interpret the law so as to allow the government's final solution policies to be carried out.

Anonymous said...

we need more media to support gun rights. Here is a new short film that does...pass it on: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qjD98Sqdr2c

Liam said...

The government needs to realize that they will not have the money to fund this huge gun ban because of the thousands wasted on the people on wellfare because they are too lazy to look for a job. These liberals are going to ruin this country. I can almost garantee that here will be a decentl sized armed uprising within the next 20 years. Id you look back to the 40's, the last nazi concentration camp was not found untill a couple years after the war ended. Now imagine they do succed in getting the bill passed. People will still fight for their guns. Getting guns off the street isnt going to fix this. Getting the mentally insane off the streets will fix this