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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Carolyn McCarthy, barrel shrouds and 'assault slings'

McCarthy, though, apparently thought a ten year prison sentence for a strap would be appropriate--that it would be both desirable and Constitutionally permissible to mandate that rifles be more difficult to carry and to shoot accurately, on pain of a decade in prison. The intent here is not to claim that gun slings are in danger of being banned, but to illustrate the mindset of fanatics like McCarthy, who has nevertheless managed to be elected to Congress nine times.

McCarthy and her noxious ilk don't care about the specifics of how they attack gun rights--in their twisted minds, any infringement on that which shall not be infringed is a step in the right direction. Come to think of it, if they keep pushing like they are, maybe they would be safer with slings banned, unless they can manage to stay more than 500 yards away from we the people. [More]

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