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Friday, June 28, 2013

If gun rights advocates are going to Hell, we'll liberate the place

And this might explain the sudden focus on destroying the "gun lobby" (nearly universally among its enemies considered synonymous with the NRA, despite that not being remotely the case), even among "progressives" who until now had never specifically concentrated on "gun control." A populace that takes upon itself the responsibility for its safety and liberty, rather than trusting the government to do it, is itself a threat to the "progressive" agenda of the people's absolute dependence on an all-powerful, all-knowing government.

We're going to Hell? Alright--it's past time for a regime change down there anyway, because we're certainly not going to tolerate a "government . . . er, satanic monopoly on force," no matter how many "gun control" advocates are serving the master. [More]

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