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Monday, May 19, 2014

'Anti-gun violence' writer thinks guns are useless unless being used to kill

What she is not getting is that a person carrying a gun in a holster is using the gun, and deriving benefit from its use, with every minute of peace of mind that comes with knowing that one is equipped to defend oneself. A firearm near the bed is being used to good effect with every moment of restful sleep made possible by the knowledge that a home invader will not find a house full of defenseless victims. An AR-15 in the gun safe is being used by its owner, as he knows that a government bent on tyranny will have to somehow deal with him and millions of others equipped with life and liberty preserving firepower. [More]

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Anonymous said...

Figures don't lie, but liars figure. The anti-gun activists juggle statistics and use misleading statements to support their claims.

For example, when a battered woman shoots her ex-husband or ex-boyfriend while he is attacking her, it gets counted as "domestic violence" or as the shooting of a "family member" instead of as a case of self-defense. Dangerous criminals, shot in self-defense by citizens (and even armed criminals shot in gunfights with police), are counted as "victims of gun violence."

Also, in 98% of cases where a gun is used in self-defense, the gun is not fired. Criminals usually run away when they encounter armed resistance. Further, even when citizens (or cops) are forced to shoot, over 70% of people shot with handguns (or with "assault rifles") survive. So the number or percentage of criminals killed is not an adequate indicator of a firearm's usefulness for protection.

85% of police officers never fire their weapons except when training and qualifying on a target range. If you judged law enforcement solely by the number of criminals shot dead by police, you would conclude that law enforcement is futile, and that we might as well disband all police departments.