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Wednesday, May 07, 2014

JPFO Alert: Another Proposal to "Improve" the Second Amendment, by Rendering it Toothless

In today's JPFO Alert, another "progressive" gun-hater proposes "editing" the Second Amendment, even more cluelessly than Justice Stevens (ret.) did.

Yep--he is kindly offering to "strengthen the spirit" of the Second Amendment, by limiting it to the point of irrelevance. Thanks, but no thanks, Sanjay.

I once wrote some commentary responding to Sanghoee's piteous inquiry, "Where is Gun Control?" As it happens, JPFO can provide him with a comprehensive history of precisely where it has been for most of the last century. That's probably far more truth than he wants to hear, though.

And as always, if you haven't seen all the great JPFO Alerts written by David, Nicki, and Claire, you owe it to yourself to fix that.


Anonymous said...

Sanghoee's comments seem to be an attempt to see how many misleading statements, half-truths, and outright lies can be crammed into one column or blog post.

We have no gun control laws in this country? What about the federal Gun Control Act of 1968, which prohibits gun ownership by convicted felons, people who are legally insane or incompetent, people who have been diagnosed as dangerously mentally ill, drug addicts, and anyone under eighteen? What about the 20,000 state laws and local ordinances already on the books? Just how many laws do we need regulating the same thing?

Nike alone made more profit last year than all of the "well financed" gun manufacturers combined.

And gun control (or a lack of it) had nothing to do with "the Trayvon Martin verdict." That tragedy could have been prevented if Martin (who had a history of assault, drug abuse, truancy, and theft) had been in reform school or jail instead of wandering around a gated community, trespassing, and attacking Zimmerman.