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Monday, July 14, 2014

ATF's notional resource shortfall raises new questions about 'Project Gunwalker'

Well, in fairness, the only "investigation" they had in mind for the "gunwalked" guns was not particularly resource intensive--noting where the crime scenes and dead bodies were. Still, for those of us who cannot be quite convinced that senior Justice Department officials were really stupid enough to apply the "Underpants Gnomes'" business strategy to their own efforts to curb international gun trafficking, and must therefore have had some other motive, the fact that they supposedly lacked the resources to investigate problematic gun sales that were already happening makes the official explanation of Operation Fast and Furious just that much less convincing. [More]

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Anonymous said...

So, the NRA and GOA are to blame for the Project Gunwalker debacle? And the BATF "had to" resort to the crazy scheme because they were not adequately funded? Just as anti-gun laws always fail because they "didn't go far enough."

Maybe the Chicago fire was a disaster because of insufficient kerosine.