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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

JPFO Alert: Bloomberg's Self-Defense Catch-22 is an Old Trick in "Gun Control" Playbook

Today's JPFO Alert notes that Bloomberg's latest anti-self-defense ranting might be a new low, but it's also an old gambit.

Not a bad strategy, really--push laws to try to make guns as useless as possible, then justify further infringements by arguing that guns are already so useless that the new restrictions don't really affect us much. Just one more reason we must fight them at every step.

And as always, if you haven't seen all the great JPFO Alerts written by David, Nicki, Claire, and Mama Liberty, you owe it to yourself to fix that.


Anonymous said...

Maybe we could increase restrictions on food stamps, so that they could not be used to buy bread, milk, water, fruit, or vegetables. And we could place limits on Medicaid and Medicare, so that they would not cover medication, surgery, in-patient care (hospitalization), or out-patient (office visit) care.

Then we could abolish those programs, and, if anyone complained, we could point out that those programs did not provide basic necessities anyway.

MamaLiberty said...

Thanks for the good word, Kurt. It's a thrill and an honor to write for JPFO.