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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

JPFO Alert: Newest "Smart Gun" Concept Probably Most Sensible Yet, Still Poses Threat

Today's JPFO Alert notes a "smart gun" concept that actually has merit--but carries risks of its own.

Still, though, if cops can be forced to adopt this technology, laws mandating it for the rest of us are possible, too, and some will no doubt see that as a brilliant idea, with the government now given the capability of real time tracking of all privately owned guns so equipped. If that becomes law, how much longer would it be before Yardarm is strongly "encouraged" to revive their now scrapped program of implementing a remote "kill switch" for such guns?

The idea is a good one, but this time it would be necessary that the "Only Ones," truly are the "Only Ones" with such equipment.

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