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Wednesday, October 08, 2014

JPFO Alert: Technological Advances Aid Home Gun Manufacture, Bypass "Gun Control"

The gun ban zealots often argue (speciously) that when the Second Amendment was drafted, the Founding Fathers could not have imagined advances in firearms technology. Today's JPFO Alert argues that it's the drafters of restrictive gun laws who fail to anticipate the technology that will render their precious laws irrelevant.

And now, a new Australian company promises to bring 3-D printing of metal objects to the home, starting at under $5,000.

And as always, if you haven't seen all the great JPFO Alerts written by David, Nicki, Claire, and Mama Liberty, you owe it to yourself to fix that.


Anonymous said...

Anti-gun activists often argue that modern technology makes the Second Amendment obsolete. "They didn't have AK-47's and AR-15's in George Washington's time. They had single-shot muskets." Well, they didn't have the internet, TV, radio, telephones, or even telegrams, either. Is the First Amendment obsolete?

(Actually, some anti-gun activists would say yes. Freedom of speech is as much a problem for them as the RKBA. They want to outlaw "hate speech," and they define "hate" as any disagreement with them about anything.)

As for the need to "close off access to guns by criminals and the mentally ill," there is an effective way to do that. Simply keep criminals in prison, and keep dangerously psychotic people in secure mental hospitals, instead of allowing them to wander around loose.