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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

JPFO Alert: Is Federal Express the Newest Enemy of Privately Manufactured Firearms?

Today's JPFO Alert wonders if Federal Express might more accurately be named "Statist Express."

And perhaps it was premature to declare that FedEx has no affiliation with the Federal Government. It's hard to know what backroom carrot-and/or-stick negotiations between the two entities might have taken place. Could there have been a kind of "Operation Choke Point"-like\ pressure applied? Or perhaps the promise of some fat government shipping contracts? It's impossible to say, but given this administration's hostility to private gun ownership--particularly as it would look like when millions of Americans could produce effective, militia-appropriate fighting rifles in total anonymity in their own homes, it's difficult to rule out some quiet federal involvement.

Whether this stance is one that Federal Express chose to take on its own, or simply allowed to be dictated to them by the federal government, they have, as Defense Distributed says, put "the 'Fed' in 'Federal Express.'" They're playing for the wrong side.