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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

JPFO Alert: Proposed Ammo Ban is Illegal Attack on Americans' Rights

Today's JPFO Alert notes that not only does the proposed-to-be-banned M855 ammo not meet the legal definition of "armor piercing," but that a free people must not be denied the ability to pierce the armor of would-be oppressors.

More fundamental, of course, is the fact that the very reason that for the citizenry to be free, we must have a right to keep and bear arms (not, readers will note, a "right to keep and bear sporting goods") that shall not be infringed, is that we must have access to weapons with which we can pose a credible threat to the government's enforcers, if that government makes such action necessary. The M855 rounds are a part of that credible threat--and that is undoubtedly why this administration is trying to neutralize it.


Anonymous said...

Cop-killers (and would-be cop-killers) are criminals. And it is already illegal for criminals to own firearms and ammunition (including armor-piercing ammunition) of any kind.

Unfortunately, criminals, by definition, break laws. Including laws against owning guns, body armor, and ammunition.

That doesn't mean that laws are useless, or that they can't work without voluntary compliance. Laws, if well enforced, allow society to restrain criminals. For example, robbery is illegal, so a robber who is caught and convicted can be sentenced to prison, where he can't hurt innocent people. After serving his sentence, he is still a convicted felon, and can't legally own weapons. So, if he is caught with a gun in his possession, he can be sent back to prison.

But the bleeding heart liberal Social Justice Warriors (the same people who advocate "gun control" laws) have created a revolving door legal system that releases violent criminals from custody before the arresting officers even have time to finish writing the arrest reports.

Ask cops about the problem of criminals having guns, body armor, and armor-piercing "cop killer" ammo. They usually answer, "The solution is to keep violent criminals in prison, instead of letting them out on the streets, in the first place."