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Monday, February 18, 2008

More on Kay and Jon, and their . . . confusing (confused?) postitions on the Second Amendment

Last Friday, I discussed the rather odd fact that ostensibly "pro-gun" Senators Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-TX) and Jon Tester (D-MT) both favor a ban on so-called "assault weapons."

Still more disturbingly, their comments supporting such a ban were made in an appearance speaking before the (supposedly) conservative Heritage Foundation--one would hope that professional panderers . . . er, I mean politicians would think that in speaking to (self-proclaimed) conservatives, they would feel a need to keep quiet about any support for implementation of new gun bans.

At the time I posted that, I hadn't realized that video (and audio) of the event was available from the Heritage Foundation website--thanks, Hairy Hobbit.

The video
is a bit long (over forty minutes), and most of it is about the pro-Heller amicus brief they signed. The bit about "assault weapons" was just over a minute, near the end--so to see just that, click here (you'll need RealPlayer or something--sorry, it's an ivr file, and I can't figure out how to convert those into something easier to deal with).

So let me get this straight, Kay and Jon--you're saying that the Second Amendment protects an individual right . . . to keep and bear the arms the government approves of us keeping and bearing? What kind of "right" is that?


Hyunchback said...

It's the "right" they can take away.

The founders were clear. They intended the average citizen to be able to carry anywhere. They intended the citizen to be able to own the most modern military arm of the day. A Brown Bess could bayonet an entire family, but the founders also could see that the common butcher knife or ax could kill just as many.

Our modern fools want to lie and deny. Not one mass murderer with a gun has gotten half the deaths that Timothy McVeigh ran up with one primitive fuel-air explosive device. No one is doing anything to "microstamp" fuel and even if tags exist in fertilizer it will never be the factor that stops it from being used for an explosive.

Kay is NOT the great, good friend she is painted. She's better than the out-right hostile Dems but only by comparison.

John R said...

Kay's comments start at 34:52.

She used to be one of my fav's, but has really been screwing up of late.