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Friday, February 08, 2008

The voice of the Illinois gun rights movement

In the wake of the killings of five women in a Chicago area shopping mall last weekend (discussed a bit here), Illinois Carry spokesperson Valinda Rowe was interviewed on the Don Wade and Roma show (on WLS 890 AM, a Chicago area radio station).

The interview (mp3 file) is available here, and is well worth the time (it's not very long) to hear. In it, Valinda explains how Illinois law renders women defenseless against the kind of animal responsible for the deaths in Tinley Park last weekend.

I've mentioned Valinda before, and expressed my gratitude that she is on our side. That gratitude continues to grow. Valinda, by the way, also stars in the "Rights Denied in Illinois" video in the side bar.

Chicago's Mayor Daley and a great many Illinois lawmakers argue that citizens should not be permitted to carry defensive firearms when they go about their business. Carjackers, rapists and murderers (like the one in Tinley Park) undoubtedly agree. It seems to me that those elected officials have chosen the wrong side.