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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Tonight's "super dialogue" on Charter.net

I have made no secret of my admiration for Dr. Paul, and my belief that he is the only presidential candidate worthy of the unabashed support of gun owners. Now that the field has shrunk to Clinton and Obama (need I say more?) on one side; and Mitt "Weapons of Unusual Lethality" Romney, John "Close the Gun Show Loophole" McCain, Mike Huckabee, and Dr. Paul on the other; I think it bears repeating.

Huckabee, I acknowledge, is good on gun rights issues. Still, although I probably come across as a single issue voter, I do follow other issues, and Huckabee presents real problems on several of them. As an example, he likes to tax and spend, as illustrated by his proposed budget (biggest of the Republicans still in the race). Then there's his wish to change the Constitution to better align it with his religion. Oh, and the First Amendment? He doesn't seem to be a big fan.

That leaves Dr. Paul:

Getting to the title of this blog post, Charter.net is hosting a"Super Dialogue" tonight at 6 PM EST, featuring Clinton, Obama, Huckabee, and Dr. Paul. With Huckabee and Paul as the only Republicans participating, perhaps the campaign to ignore Paul will take a break.


me said...

I missed most of Ron, anyone have a link to his whole segment?

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

As it happens, something came up, and I ended up missing it myself.