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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Doing my part for the Obama economic stimulus plan

There's been a lot of discussion lately about a recent impressive spike in firearms sales, driven by concerns about an impending Obama presidency (and growing Democratic majorities in both houses of Congress) ushering in a spate of draconian gun laws. Even with a tanking economy reducing disposable income (which, incidentally, is in turn driving declines in sales of traditional hunting rifles and shotguns), surging sales of handguns and so-called "assault weapons" are more than taking up the slack.

In a way, one could say that Obama--even before the election--has helped at least one segment of the economy.

I've made no secret of the fact that I am not at all eager for the kind of "change" Obama promises. Still, we're all in this together, and if he is doing something to help the economy, I feel somewhat obligated to hold up my end.

Not being exactly made out of money, rather than getting an entire new "assault weapon," I decided to add some additional capability to one I already have. The order for an additional upper receiver (chambered in 6.5mm Grendel) has been placed, and soon I will have a Beowulf/Grendel (who says I have no appreciation for classic literature?) switch-top AR pistol.

When finances allow, I'll be adding optics (of type to be determined--suggestions welcome), and maybe a bipod.

I guess we could call this the long range plan.


TexasFred said...

I bought more magazines... And 00Buck... Need more ammo too but as you said, not being made of money...

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

Yep--mags and ammo are definitely next.

the pistolero said...

Sweet. What's the barrel length on the Grendel upper?

Anonymous said...

Good for you, Kurt. I finally took the plunge into EBR territory. After much deliberation, I am purchasing two Saiga 7.62x39mm carbines (and a lot of 30rd mags to go with them). I considered milled receiver and high-end stamped AKs, but just couldn't justify the price difference. Saiga puts out a fine product, and I can modify later (probably just to accept AK mags) if I so choose. Yes, sales are up--it is hard to find a quality AK anywhere for a reasonable price.


Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

What's the barrel length on the Grendel upper?

10.5". I plan to eventually add a Daniel Defense Omega 7.0 quad rail forend. Any suggestions for optics (Trijicon ACOG is a bit more than I plan to spend)?

Good to hear from you, Allthewayto11. That definitely sounds like good stuff.

Anonymous said...

Otta concentrate on the basics - projectiles, propellent, primers. Dies for everything you shoot. LOTS of .22 LR - that will be your most useful WTSHTF. That is what will keep you fed. Forget the big Dillon presses, get yourself a Lyman 310 tong tool, or one of the Lee hand presses. More portable. Don't forget a front stuffer or two. A little work and you can make your own powder. And some molds to cast your own ball. Percussion is good, but what happens when your caps run out? Go with a flinter and learn to knapp your own flints.

Joe in CA

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

Joe, your advice makes sense . . . for most folks. I'm a paraplegic, confined to a wheelchair. If things ever get to the point you're talking about (a possibility I don't rule out), I won't be around, anyway.

I do have a few cool things I hope end up in good hands, though.

me said...

only thing I'm doing is building a 10/22 pistol and AR lower from scratch. If I have money I'll buy ammo, if not I'll pray for the best.

I had to pass on an AR in 9mm with a pile of other goodies for $650. Money...too bad WE can't just go print it like the government does.

Anonymous said...

Well, hell, Kurt, since you are somewhat immobile, then you should have a good Dillon press and dies in about a dozen popular calibers. Have people bring their components to you (or charge the hell out of them for you supplying components), you load 'em up for a price and protection.

See? No problem!

Joe in CA

Anonymous said...

Allthewayto11, what the Hell is a quality AK47, must be new. :) There are just to damn many much better guns out there for a lot less money to be thinking AK. ;)

me said...

I disagree SA, get something in the same caliber as the "civilian security" that Obomba will be using on us.

He didn't say where those civilians would come from.

And like Anon said, and like I told SA, there's a role for each one of us. Maybe not on the front lines, but support IS important.

Anonymous said...

SKS is better, L1A1 is better, both are cheaper and ammo for them is ubiquitous.

Of course if one must take his ammo from his enemy, then he may as well take his firearm too. Thinking poodle shooter here .223.

Not a firearm, I like, but there are a lot of them out there to be "liberated", if need be.