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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Victim of 'gun violence' says to blame the 'stupid person,' not the gun

From KABA, we learn the latest about Seattle Mayor Greg Nickles' plan to (illegally) ban firearms on city owned property.

That's already been pretty well covered on other sites, and after some internet trouble early today, I'm running behind, so I'm just going to take a brief look at one aspect of Nickels' little flirtation with despotism. The push for this executive order (or the excusefor it, to be more accurate) was an incident at the Northwest Folklife Festival, back in May. Basically, some idiot (and drug addict, apparently) started shooting into the crowd, over what had heretofore been, at most, a pushing and shoving kind of confrontation. Thankfully, there were no life-threatening injuries.

What is interesting is that one of the two people shot (and the boyfriend of the other), has shown no inclination to blame the gun for what he has gone through.

Penaluna, for his part, doesn't think a gun ban would have made him any more safe.

"I was hurt by a stupid person who happened to make a stupid decision with a gun," he said.

"There are thousands of people all over Seattle, I know, who walk strapped. And they're not gang-bangers. They're responsible adults who are afraid of gang-bangers," he said.

"I think this ordinance is nothing more than a classic governmental way of trying to put a Band-Aid over a problem instead of finding a solution.
Sshh, Joshua--that's not how victims of "gun violence" are supposed to talk!

The article covers some incidents of senseless violence in Seattle, and quotes Seattle residents who carry defensive firearms to defend themselves.

It's actually a better article than one might expect from the L.A. Times.


Anonymous said...

Nice band-aid quote.

I guess tongue depressors don't serve as an adequate substitute for a loaded .45.

Anonymous said...

St. John Chrysostome said: " For men of understanding do not say that the sword is to blame for murder, nor wine for drunkenness, nor strength for outrage, nor courage for foolhardiness, but they lay the blame on those who make an improper use of the gifts which have been bestowed upon them by God, and punish them accordingly."

Joe in CA