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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

'Why are white people buying "assault weapons"?'

I rarely post twice in a day, so this will be a short one. I just spotted this, which contains a statement too disgusting to leave unchallenged. Most of the article is about the Obama/Biden-inspired spike in firearm (particularly so-called "assault weapons") and ammunition sales. That's been covered (and is still being covered) to death, and isn't what I'm focused on. For that, go to the last paragraph.

One expert sees a darker motive driving some post-election gun purchasers.

"Why are white people buying assault weapons?" said Ben Agger, a sociology professor at the University of Texas at Arlington who wrote a book about the Virginia Tech slayings. "I almost hate to say it, but there is a deep-seated fear of the armed black man, because Obama now commands the military and other instruments of the justice system. They are afraid Obama will exact retribution for the very deep-seated legacy of slavery."
So now it's racist to buy an AR-15. I suppose if Senators Chucky Schumer or Diane Feinstein had been elected, spurring exactly the same kind of spike in sales, it would be a manifestation of antisemitism among gun owners (JPFO notwithstanding)

I wonder what the explanation would have been had the presidency gone to Paul Helmke, or Carolyn "What's a Barrel Shroud" McCarthy.

Another point I'd like to bring up relates to this:
. . . Obama now commands the military and other instruments of the justice system.
What does he mean by "military and other instruments of the justice system"? When did the military become part of the justice system? Have we been put under marital martial (thanks, Timmeehh) law, with no one having told me?

I'll have more tomorrow, and Snowflakes in Hell, Days of Our Trailers, and The Iron Whirlygig have more now.


Anonymous said...

I saw that on 1911 and thought exactly the same thing--if Chuck were president, the gungrabbers would call us Nazis (oh the irony). BTW, your link to JPFO reads "JFPO."


45superman said...

BTW, your link to JPFO reads "JFPO."

Oops--too pissed off to type right (or that's the excuse I'm using). Fixed now--thanks.

Anonymous said...

Put that anger to good (and eloquent) use--here is his contact info:
218 University Hall
Department of Sociology
University of Texas at Arlington
Arlington, TX 76019-0599
Center for Theory // Sociology Department
University of Texas at Arlington

...and a link to his beaming countenance: http://www.uta.edu/huma/agger/


45superman said...

Ah--you're just prejudiced against sniveling nitwits ;-).

the pistolero said...

And just think, friends, we get to deal with this for four whole years!

Anonymous said...

One last comment on this point. It is obvious, but I'll say it anyway. We, those persons who actually recognize the value of individual freedoms, are actively judging BHO by the content of his chararcter (e.g., his track record as an avowed hater of all things self-defense and the tools to affect the same) when we purchase tools threatened to be regulated. The University of Texas prof, however, has chosen to (1) assume everyone buying a gun right now is white and (2) that the reason for the purchases is race-based. Who is more aligned with the good Doctor's dream here?


Thirdpower said...

"Comments Disabled".


The_Chef said...

Yup that's it. I'm buying an AR-15 because I'm racist.

Occam's Razor need not apply to gun grabbers.

hairy hobbit said...

I'll point at the elephant and call it out.

The "armed black man" people fear is the same as the "armed white man" people fear.

One word.

Criminals. Now, about that elephant...sadly, the armed black man makes up a much larger percentage of the prison population. Fed stats back that up. They have bought into the "white man keepin' 'em down" bullshit and fail to take advantage of the countless opportunities presented on a silver platter to them, as well as everyone else. The problems are not exclusive to the black communities.

As far as the idiot claims that people buying guns are racist, well I suggest a new pacifier and binky for Christmas is in order.

The fact that people are buying guns is due to several reasons, fear of a government failing to perform it's first duty of protecting the rights, the God given rights, of it's citizens. Others include an investment in those items which are expected to not be available...no different then buying water and generators in hurricane prone areas before the storm. Another reason is that we've seen and heard the lies before, we have history to guide us this time and we know what follows gun bans. History gave us trailblazers who said "Never again!" while some of passed on, others have picked up their mantle and will keep their promise.

Jay21 said...

So if i bought my weapons before the "O" ascsntion, does that make me racist? What if I sell a gun to a person of color? is this a pay as you go racisim. Lastly, does the author, by defining ALL "assult waepons" purchasers "white people" give us a pathway to his inner guilt/racism? Just pondering.

Timmeehh said...

"Have we been put under marital law, with no one having told me?"

Talk about a Freudian slip! Your wife is gonna kill you :P

45superman said...

"Have we been put under marital law, with no one having told me?"

Talk about a Freudian slip! Your wife is gonna kill you :P

Oops--don't I feel silly.

Thanks for the catch.

W. W Woodward said...

I'm looking to buy an AR-15 as my personal vote for the weapon to become a firearm in common use by the American public.

Let's see if the SCOTUS's money is where their mouth is. Can the AWB be re-instituted and made permanent? If so, the nine black-robes are a gaggle of hypocritical liars?

45superman said...

Let's see if the SCOTUS's money is where their mouth is. Can the AWB be re-instituted and made permanent? If so, the nine black-robes are a gaggle of hypocritical liars?

That is, indeed, the question, and one that might be answered before very long.

Can't say I have a lot of confidence about the answer.

Crotalus said...

It might be "racist" in a way. A lot of blacks are going to take Barack's election as a mandate to push whitey to the back of the bus, and we're saying "like hell!!"

TJP said...

You know, sometimes a piece is so awful that it makes me want to print it out and immediately toss the page into the recycling bin; just because there is some small chance that someone, at some point in the future, will use it to wipe his ass.

Goldwater's Ghost said...

I'm not how much "control of the military" O would have if he tried to use it for something like confiscating guns.

I was in a gun store in Spring Lake, just outside of Ft Bragg, home of the 82nd Airborne, on Monday, and the place was packed. And about 90% of the guys in there looking at guns had military haircuts.

Cliff47 said...

I can understand the misspellings, the Freudian slip, and the heated collars. This posting has convinced me to purchase one of those "Evil Black Rifles" that the liberals are so afraid of before BHO is sworn in.

Anonymous said...

People of all colors buy "assault" weapons which are magazine fed because single shot bolt action rifles are an unnecessary pain in the butt to shoot more than one round. If the people of all colors were buying single shot bolt action rifles instead of these so-called "assault weapons", would the author state they were buying "sniper weapons"?

B Smith said...

I like (blogger)Annie's take on the issue---"Admit it, you just wanna own something BLACK!"
I don't care who you are, that's funny.

straightarrow said...

why, b.smith, you racist you. did you mean something long, hard and black?

Shame on you for pushing such racist mythology.

45superman said...

For some reason, you don't hear a lot of complaints about that stereotype ;-).

B Smith said...

SA: I've heard that once you go black, you never go back...but I doubt that's really true. I'm still pretty fond of my "woodies" :-D
I've got some SHORT black hard ones I'm pretty fond of, too ;-)

Anonymous said...

I understand the surge in the collection of small arms since the current president has already shown his disdain for a free and armed civilian. But don't be fooled that if it came to a fight that you (whitey) and me (blacky) would have to choose sides and for the sake of the world and my children I hope you keep up the good work and choose the side of freedom. cuz your govt will be very hard to beat when it goes down. As far as the racist part there are some rather staggering numbers in the black social class which makes it seem as though you are preparing for us. I pray to God in Jesus's name that that is not the case. We are not alligned to equate the need of such things. And yes I see the fault in NOT preparing. But in many cases we are simply unaware. We don't run from the truth. And I try to tell it but maybe I'm the wrong color. May you (whitey) should tell it. You dont have to be my friend for me to accept the truth from your lips.

45superman said...

Anon, no one with whom I have any interest in being associated cares the least about skin color. This is about liberty--for all. I don't deny that there are plenty of racists out there, but I want nothing to do with them.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to know that. But while you don't care and I don't care, we have to be able to convince those who do care. I have always felt that racism is a political plot to separate ppl. And if you notice most things that end in -ism are bad for you. And another thought,probably more critical than the last, being a city dweller, I really dont see the need to engage targets +100 yds. Nor have I run into the need to pierce body armor. Not to say that the need will not arise. I just have yet to run into that situation. So $1500 on an AR-15 or the like would not seem like a sound investment. Sometimes you just have to hear it from someone else to believe it. As for me, I clean my rem .308 700 every week anyway. And since we now have cable. I don't see the need for rooftop antennea (LOL). I like this blog and I never read blogs. I will be adding this link to my page. If you have any others I will review and add also.

45superman said...

I agree that dividing us by race serves the purposes of those who would like to keep us controlled. We need to be smarter than that.

As for your firearms observations--sure, different tactical situations will bring up different needs for firearms. I will say that if it ever comes down to us using the 2nd Amendment for its intended purpose, the ability to penetrate body armor could be very important. For folks who can't afford ARs (especially now), look at AK clones and SKSs.

Thanks for reading--you mentioned your page--if it's something that you think might be at home on my blogroll, feel free to send me a link. Thanks again.