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Friday, March 11, 2011

Brady Campaign says permanent BATFE director would have stopped 'Gunwalker'

Oh? Acting Director Kenneth Melson has so little power that he can't direct the bureau to . . . not pressure gun dealers into going ahead with obvious "straw sales," against the dealers' better judgment? What, then, are the responsibilities and powers of an acting director? What, indeed, is the purpose of an acting director, if not to . . . act as director? There would not have been a "Project Gunwalker," without Melson's authorization, and if he were somehow powerless to stop it, that would mean that it was forced on him, against his will, from higher up in the Department of Justice (and there can be no realistic doubt that the operation was known, and at the very least tacitly approved, further up in that department), by people who would outrank a permanent director, as well. [More]
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