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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Can the 'Fix Gun Checks Act' prevent violence? Can it respect liberty?

It's as if Obama read through S. 436, and extracted every talking point that could be applied to the alleged shooter. The forcible citizen disarmament lobby is no doubt unhappy that Loughner didn't make his firearm purchase at a gun show, thus leaving Obama with no hook for the "gun show loophole" language in the bill. In that, the President has shown more integrity and restraint than some. Colin "The Alchemist" Goddard has made the "loophole" his signature issue (at least until the progress of legislation to end colleges' status as "gun-free" zones has forced him to play defense), despite the shooting to which he owes his fame (and his job) having been committed with guns not bought at a gun show. [More]
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