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Thursday, March 03, 2011

Is AG's FOID data dump ruling a diversion to thwart concealed carry in IL?

The legislative efforts to block the Madigan FOID data dump have hit a snag, with HB 7 falling one vote short in a committee vote yesterday. House rules allow for another try at some point in the future, and the bill's sponsor, Representative Ron Stephens (R-102nd District), has vowed to bring it up again in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, Illinois residents need to talk to the committee members:

Chairperson: Elaine Nekritz D
Vice-Chairperson: John E. Bradley D
Republican Spokesperson: Jil Tracy R
Member: Michael G. Connelly R
Member: Dwight Kay R
Member: Lou Lang D
Member: Sidney H. Mathias R
Member: André M. Thapedi D
Member: Arthur Turner D
Member: Ann Williams D
Member: Michael J. Zalewski D

Also, the Illinois GOP has started an online petition to demand protection for the confidentiality of FOID data. [More]
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