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Sunday, July 24, 2011

'Reward' Congressional oathbreakers with a white feather

The newest addition to the blogroll is (author of the Constitution Watch blog, and former Tucson Gun Rights Examiner) Chris Woodard's The White Feather.

I'll let Chris explain it:

The concept of the White Feather.

For years I’ve been fascinated with GIVING of the White Feather. The idea appears to have first started by the British Military in the mid 1800s. The single White Feather was given to a fellow in the military who the giver considered a coward. This was the ULTIMATE insult and had serious consequences.

If I gave a White Feather to someone, the receiver could not give the White Feather back. He would have to prove to me that the reason I gave him the feather no longer existed. If that prove to be the case, then it would be up to me to ask for the return of the feather to me. He CANNOT just give it back. I have to ask.

A new concept for the White Feather. BREAKING THE OATH OF OFFICE.

Each and every politician, whether National, State, or Local takes an oath of office. It is the intention of this site to give a White Feather to every politician who breaks his/her “Oath of Office’ by either sponsoring or cosponsoring a piece of legislation that is Unconstitutional. The criteria is: Nationally, if the legislation is NOT within the enumerated powers granted congress under Article 1 § 8 of the Constitution, it is Unconstitutional. Abuse of the likes of the Commerce Clause, and other clauses does NOT make it Constitutional regardless of any Supreme Court decisions/opinions. The Supreme Courts authority is clearly stated in the Constitution.

So, for now, the White Feather is reserved for our various congress critters for breaking their Oath of Office. A serious offense legally which far outweighs a political agenda.
Go take a look.


C. Woodard said...

Thanks for the plug. We already have a White Feather awarded....Of course, I gave it.....but hey, have to start somewhere.

The whole idea of the site is to attempt to make people more aware of the Constitution while at the same time let the critters know we are not only watching, but keeping track.