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Monday, January 16, 2012

Honor Martin Luther King by defeating racism inherent to 'gun control'

"Gun control" is really about people control, and those doing the controlling very often select those being controlled on the basis of ethnicity.

We shall overcome. [More]
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MamaLiberty said...

I won't be celebrating MLK day either.

Monday is “Martin Luther King, Jr. Day” - the most recent of made-up holidays, honoring a man whose myths came into existence when he was alive and exploded after he was killed. Although you can take many of his words out of context and make them into quotes supporting liberty, freedom, and justice, his entire life, his writings and his speeches paint a much different story. There is much to be said for the idea that many of his writings were disinformation, intended to sucker people - both his allies and his enemies - and that he was, however much a man of faith he really was, at heart a communist or socialist, dedicated to some of the same things that Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt were. So do not expect me to wish anyone a pleasant MLKJr Day or participate in any of the rites offered in our land to the demigods we create, not so much different at times from those done in Roman times for the deified Julius and Augustus.

For some additional information about King from several points of view, visit: here, here, and here . I cannot attest to the accuracy of these but the general information matches what I knew personally about him, from the 1960s, what I have read of his writings, and those of his followers I met.

Those references linked at the original here: http://www.thepriceofliberty.org/2012/01/16/commentary.html